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Engage students with the “Find Someone Who…” bingo game! Foster connections, promote inclusivity, and bolster the classroom community. Perfect for Grade 2 and beyond, with 100 diverse gameboards, clear visuals, and customizable Google Sheets link included. It’s more than a game – it’s a bridge between students.


Engage your students with “Find Someone Who…”, a classmate bingo game designed to foster connections, encourage conversations, and elevate the classroom community. Perfect for all ages from Grade 2 through to High School and beyond.

Unique Features:

  • Inclusivity at Its Best: With 75 vivid descriptions complemented by clear images, this game is a blessing for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. The visuals aid in understanding, breaking language barriers, and facilitating genuine interactions.
  • Diverse Gameboards: Dive into a set of 100 randomly generated gameboards. No two boards are the same, ensuring every student’s experience is unique!
  • Comprehensive Pack: The downloadable zip file contains:
      • Vibrant gameboards in both US Letter and A4 size (PDF format).
      • A greyscale version, perfect for print-friendly needs.
      • A PowerPoint presentation introducing the game and the rules.
      • An exclusive link to the Google Sheets spreadsheet for effortless customization.
      • An exclusive link to the Google Slides version of the game introduction presentation.

How to Play: Each gameboard boasts a 5×5 grid formation, with a ‘Free Space’ square in the center. Every square encompasses a description, an illustrative image, and space for a classmate’s signature. The goal? Connect with classmates, discover commonalities, and collect signatures. But here’s the twist: each student can only sign twice, and participants can sign their own board once. The race is on to achieve 5 signatures in a row, be it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The first one to do so gets to shout, “BINGO!”

Clear instructions on each page ensure gameplay is straightforward and fun. Plus, there’s an allocated space for the student’s name and date, making it easy to keep track of each board.

Preview & Descriptions: A watermarked preview is attached to give you a sneak peek into the game. Additionally, a list of all the descriptions is at the bottom, providing insights into the diverse topics covered in the bingo squares.

Why “Find Someone Who…”? This game is more than just bingo. It’s about building bridges between students, understanding diverse experiences, and creating a cohesive classroom community. Whether you’re starting a new school year, introducing new students, or simply looking for a fun-filled class activity, “Find Someone Who…” is your go-to choice.

Let your students embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and fun. Download now and let the games begin!

List of Descriptions:
…has traveled to more than three countries.

…speaks two or more languages.

…has a pet other than a cat or dog.

…can play a musical instrument.

…has never eaten sushi.

…has a birthday in the same month as yours.

…can juggle.

…has been on a plane this year.

…likes pineapple on pizza.

…has read more than five books in the five weeks.

…can name three planets in our solar system.

…knows how to swim.

…has been to a concert.

…has a hobby they’ve been doing for over a year.

…has climbed a mountain.

…is wearing socks with a fun pattern today.

…can whistle.

…is an only child.

…has run a marathon or a race.

…knows how to bake cookies.

…loves to dance.

…has seen the sunrise and sunset on the same day.

…can touch their nose with their tongue.

…has been to a museum in the past month.

…has a vegetable they absolutely dislike.

…can do a magic trick.

…has ridden a horse.

…knows a song by heart.

…has built something out of wood.

…likes to draw or paint.

…has seen snow.

…can name a movie they’ve watched more than five times.

…has written a poem or short story.

…has been to a theme park.

…loves rollercoasters.

…has grown a plant from a seed.

…has been to the ocean.

…can name their favorite historical figure.

…has taken a dance class.

…likes to sing in the shower.

…knows how to knit or crochet.

…plays a sport.

…has done a science experiment at home.

…knows a joke they can share.

…has won a medal or trophy.

…can make a paper airplane.

…has taken a road trip.

…can do a handstand.

…has tried food from a different country this month.

…likes to solve puzzles.

…knows how to use chopsticks.

…has dressed up for Halloween.

…can name a constellation.

…likes to play board games.

…can do a cartwheel.

…has seen a shooting star.

…has visited a farm.

…likes spicy food.

…knows their zodiac sign.

…has planted a tree.

…has volunteered in their community.

…can recite a tongue twister fast.

…has painted a room.

…has broken a bone.

…knows a word in sign language.

…has tried meditation or yoga.

…has a twin.

…can name their favorite book.

…likes to cook or bake.

…can mimic an animal sound.

…has gone fishing.

…has been camping.

…knows how to sew a button.

…can make balloon animals.

…has been to a zoo or aquarium in the past year.


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