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Editable Google Sheets Digital Teacher Planner | 2022/23


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A fully editable calendar and teacher planner for 2022/23, built using Google Sheets. It includes annual date updates.

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We have taken our popular PDF Digital Teacher Planner and created it in Google Sheets and made it fully editable and customisable. You will have all the key parts of our PDF Teacher Planner, but with full control to make it work the way you want.


  • Monthly calendar pages (includes versions that run July 2022 to, and including, July 2023 and versions that run September 2022 to August 2023) with space for notes, to-dos, and goals
  • Timetable page
  • Week View page – perfect for having live links to lesson resources
  • Assessment page, with auto-averaging of student scores and colour-formatting
  • Parent Communication Log
  • To-Do List (with tick boxes and emojis)
  • Notes page
  • Clickable links to main sections (such as monthly calendars) on every page
  • A selection of stickers that can be copied and pasted where you want them
  • Includes Monday to Saturday week version and Sunday to Saturday week versions
  • Includes BOTH vertical and horizontal timetable & week view format
  • Embedded links to help videos on Youtube
  • Example populated version to give you ideas for setting out your own
  • All pages can be customised and duplicated.




You will get access to a folder on Google Drive. On Google Drive there are the following:


• Monday to Sunday Week – Horizontal Version

• Monday to Sunday Week – Vertical Version

• Sunday to Saturday Week – Horizontal Version

• Sunday to Saturday Week – Vertical Version


• Monday to Sunday Week – Horizontal Version (new advanced version)

• Monday to Sunday Week – Vertical Version (new advanced version)

• Sunday to Saturday Week – Horizontal Version (new advanced version)

• Sunday to Saturday Week – Vertical Version (new advanced version)


• Example completed planner

• Links to all tutorial videos on Youtube, created by our team to help you.



We will update the dates for our teacher planner early in the following calendar year. Your purchase allows you access to at least the following years’ planner.





As this is built using Google Sheets, a Google account is required for use. The planner is viewable and editable on any device that works with the Google apps, but works best on a PC, Mac, Chromebook or Android phone. On some iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) the clickable links may not work (it is a limitation of the Google Sheets app on these devices). An iOS version is included on the Drive for anyone affected.


Our planners (Google Sheets and PDF) have been formatted to work on screen and they have not been designed to be printed. However, you are free to print them if you wish, but please bear in mind you may need to make some changes to the layout.

Please do not allow colleagues to make a copy of your planner – you have bought the right to use and edit a copy of the planner (in its various forms), but not for a team or a school. Please consider the time and effort put in by our team to make the planner before thinking of sharing. If you’d like to give access to a whole team or school, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.


We are truly excited by this planner and cannot wait to use it in school ourselves.




24th August 2022 – (1) Added a version that runs from September 2022 to and including August 2023. (2) Added advanced versions of each type of planner with more in-depth assessment pages (renamed ‘Grade Book’) and added in our new Planning format. All original files remain too.


29 July 2022: (1) Edited the ‘Week View’, ‘Timetable’ and ‘Assessment’ pages to allow for the ‘freeze bars’ to be used to keep row headings or columns in place as you move around – this helps with entering data. (2) Adding a custom version of planner with all 52 weeks created and hidden – it might be suitable for some, but for others they may prefer to duplicate their own Week View sheets from the Master.

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