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StoryScape: 52 Captivating Visual & Narrative Prompts With Questions


Dive into the world of creative writing with StoryScape: a collection of vivid images & imaginative starters spanning 260+ pages. Crafted for year 3 (grade 2) & up , it’s a hub to nurture creativity, enrich writing abilities, and provoke profound thought.


Introducing StoryScape, an innovative collection of visually captivating images paired with imaginative story starters designed for students from grade 2 upwards – featuring over 260 pages.

Crafted to ignite creativity, enhance writing skills, and stimulate deeper thought, this resource is your comprehensive solution to engage and challenge young minds!


What’s Inside?

  • 52 Thoughtfully Selected Images: Each image has been carefully curated to inspire creativity and spark students’ imaginations.
  • Engaging Story Starters: Ignite your students’ creativity with intriguing beginnings that span various genres and themes.
  • Illustrative Example Paragraphs: Kickstart the creative process with sample continuations for each story starter.
  • Stimulating Thought Questions: Encourage profound thinking, reflection, and classroom discussions, empowering students to explore the depths of narrative possibilities.

Format Options:

  • Google Slides Presentation
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PDF format

Why Choose StoryScape?

  • Adaptable for All Levels: This resource caters to different skill levels and learning styles, providing a balanced challenge.
  • Versatile Resource: Easily tailored for different grade levels, whether used in-person or virtually.
  • Aligned with Core Concepts: While fostering open-ended creativity, the prompts also tie in with essential writing and reading comprehension skills.

How We Use this Resource:

“I have primarily used this (with children between the ages of 7 and 11) as a morning activity and as an online lesson during lockdown, with the children trained to come in, look at the board where the image and story starter sentence is displayed and are then free to discuss with fellow students or start writing their own descriptive paragraph or short narrative. They became brilliant at it and the frequent practice led to fantastic progress in their longer form creative writing.

We would sometimes read the example paragraph together, before, during or after they write. It was fun to identify similar themes to their own stories.
If we had time, or if they were struggling, we’d look at the questions together and see if pair, group or class discussion helped them get started.”

Ideal Uses:

  • Creative Writing Activities
  • Classroom Discussions
  • Energizing Warm-Up Exercises
  • Stimulating Journaling Prompts
  • Homework Assignments

The slides give further details on 10 different ways you can use this resource in the classroom.

Unleash your students’ potential with the StoryScape package and witness their creativity flourish. This resource is perfect for educators seeking novel ways to cultivate a love for writing and storytelling.


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